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Freezing a Moment of Infinite Possibility

My new feature on Jeremy Denk and his recording of the Goldberg Variations is now available in the Spring 2014 issue of Listen magazine. This one is limited to subscribers, so I can include only the teaser here:

Freezing a Moment of Infinite Possibility
Pianist Jeremy Denk on the stakes of recording Bach’s Goldberg Variations

In his first article for The New Yorker (“The Flight of the Concord,” February 6,
2012), pianist Jeremy Denk distilled the maddeningly quixotic experience of committing his interpretation of Charles Ives’ “Concord” Sonata to disc. Recordings, he mused, are really “manicured artifacts, from which the essential spectacle of human effort has been clipped away.”

One aspect of classical music that can puzzle newcomers is the enormous library of competing versions of the same blockbusters that have been — and continue to be — recorded.

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