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Keeping Watch

Sarasota, Fla.

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Easter Evening 2020


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Happy New Year

Wishing all a joyous and fulfilling New Year as we cross over into 2020 — and into a new decade.

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Reframing the Image: A Contemporary Lens on Robert Mapplethorpe’s Provocative Art


Later this month, Cal Performances will present Triptych — a meditation on the legacy of Robert Mapplethorpe 30 years after his death that was composed by Bryce Dessner to a libretto by korde arrington tuttle. Here’s the article on this hybrid theatrical work I wrote for Cal Performances:

In this age of selfies, promiscuously disseminated Snapchat sexting, and Instagram—the omnipresent reflection of our image-saturated, disposable culture—it almost defies belief that an exhibition of photographs was once the flashpoint for the culture wars that continue to divide America…



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Bach by Candlelight


Dmitri Sitkovetsky, Ayana Tsuji (winner of the 2016 first prize), Matt Haimovitz, and Kim Kashkashian at Maison symphonique (Concours musical international de Montréal)

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Medusa Muse


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Winter Dreams


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Randolph Rogers: Nydia, sculpture inspired by Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The Last Days of Pompeii

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IMG_0080Gianni Schicchi accepts the applause.

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