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Travoltify It!


Not that I have a problem with procrastination — no, of course not — but … here’s a meme I couldn’t resist.

So what happens when you Travoltify Wolfgang Amadé Mozart? “Wilson Ajams,” natch.

Is there a reverse-Travoltify generator? See if you can figure out which composers these are/were before their transmogrifitravoltification:

–Louis Bruwn
–Aidan Crawzford
–Francesca Bozowens
–Adrian Butter
–Gavin Marsheem
–Sameer Ramso
–Nina Bailerey
–Raymond Walger
–Julian Suzzivan
–Charlie Marftinez
–Geordie Dorniels
–Grace Ferzguson
–Nina Morphay
–Nicola Roginson
–Frankie Mozaleen
–Jan Ajams
–Maisie Russeem
–Clarke Daveries
–Paige Burneez
–Phoenix Gonzeeles

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