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R.I.P. Claudio Abbado (1933-2014)

The special Lucerne Festival Orchestra memorial concert in honor of Claudio Abbado streamed live today and will be re-broadcast on 10 April at 8 pm (CET) by SRF2 Kultur:

MEMETERIA by Thomas May

Claudio Abbado (1933-2014) Claudio Abbado (1933-2014)

What terribly sad news to wake up to: today Claudio Abbado died at his home in Bologna. He was 80. This should be a front-page news story instead of just a link on the New York Times homepage.

Michael Haefliger, the director of the Lucerne Festival, pays homage to the musician who was a central musical pillar of the festival. The Maestro gave his final concerts leading the elite Lucerne Festival Orchestra, one of the ensembles he was acclaimed for founding:

“Wanderer, there are no paths. There is only wandering.” This quotation, which Claudio Abbado’s long-time friend, the Italian composer Luigi Nono, discovered on the wall of a monastery in Toledo, might also serve as an emblem for the life of Claudio Abbado: not to map out one’s life according to certain paths but rather to proceed, to live, and to remain open to experiencing what is…

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