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Ebola Relief Concert


Every bit counts when it comes to trying to alleviate the suffering caused by crises like the current Ebola outbreak. Seattle’s Early Music Guild is presenting a special fundraiser on November 24 at Town Hall aimed at helping victims of the Ebola crisis.

Those who attend are invited to make a free-will donation in support of the great work done by Doctors without Borders and the Hope Project for Ebola relief in West Africa.

The crises caused by various plagues in human history have inspired artistic responses — art that does the work of mourning and remembering the victims and offering consolation to the bereaved. The special Early Music Guild concert will focus on the musical response of Medieval European composers such as Machaut, Landini, and Dufay to the devastating bubonic plague of the late Middle Ages. These will be juxtaposed with readings and songs from West Africa.

The concert will suggest parallels between Europeans’ reactions to plague in the 13th and 14th centuries and the ongoing tragedy in West Africa. This Ebola Relief program will feature performers including Eunice Yonly, Erin Calata, Erika Chang, and Marian Seibert, voices; August Denhard, lute; Shulamit Kleinerman, vielle; Bill McJohn, harp; and Peggy Monroe, percussion.

The evening will include also commentary from individuals dedicated to the fight to halt Ebola: Pastor George Everett of Transcontinental Ministries in Kent, Washington, will offer a personal reflection on the tragedy and how his Liberian community of faith is addressing it; Michael Nash, Executive Director of The Hope Project (based in Leavenworth, WA), will describe his organization’s work to build schools and protect communities from Ebola. And the audience will have an opportunity to participate in the music-making as Eunice Yonly lead a group performance of the anthem Africa Will be Saved.

The program will take place at 7:30 p.m. on November 24, 2014, at Town Hall Seattle. additional information, please call Early Music Guild at (206) 325-7066 or email

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