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Discovering Ursula Mamlok

I’ve been enjoying dipping into Bridge Records’ wonderful series devoted to the late Ursula Mamlok (who died this May at the age of 93).

From Margalit Fox’s New York Times obituary:

Ms. Mamlok, who moved back to Berlin 10 years ago, was for decades a fixture of the New York contemporary music scene. A longtime faculty member of the Manhattan School of Music, she was known in particular for her chamber music, piano works and vocal pieces.

From an interview with Bruce Duffie in 1996:

The purpose of music is probably that if you are gifted in music, to express yourself as somebody else would be in writing stories or poetry.  The purpose is to not entertain, but to give people something that could be either uplifting or disturbing; something for people’s emotional life.  Perhaps there is also an intellectual purpose, depending on what kind of music.


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