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Bob Dylan’s Nobel Silence

I’ve been waiting to see Bob Dylan’s own response to being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, but as of today, there’s reportedly been only a stunning silence from the artist.

According to Johan Sennero’s report , Dylan “must give a lecture on a subject ‘relevant to the work for which the prize has been awarded’ no later than 6 months after Dec. 10, the anniversary of dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel’s death.”

If Dylan doesn’t deliver the relevant lecture (or “even a concert”) within that time frame, he’ll forfeit the $900,000 prize –though he’ll remain immortalized as 2016’s laureate.

Sennero adds: “Over the years, only six laureates has declined the prize. One of them was French existentialist author Jean-Paul Sartre in 1964. After Sartre fell on hard times a few years later his lawyer wrote the Nobel foundation asking them to send Sartre the money. They refused.”


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