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ABIAH Sings Nina

a2537234916_16Hat tip to Seth Parker Woods for turning me on to this release by ABIAH, available on Bandcamp.

Here’s the artist on Nina Simone as his inspiration:

Nina Simone inspires me in unimaginable ways. Upon encountering her music as a college student, I was captivated by her voice and artistry. Her prodigious piano playing and unique voice spoke to my soul. When I heard her voice, I could see the text in an almost technicolor way. At that very time, I was studying the vocal art of text painting by composers such as Schubert and Schumann. From the first time I heard Nina, she was in full display in her vocal murals. I was transfixed and sought to do the same in my own music making. The beauty of her art was also congruent to the musicianship I was acquiring. Her aspirations of being a classical pianist were akin to mine as an opera singer of African descent. I believe we both found it daunting but attainable.

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