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Wolf Kahn: Reaching Up and Bearing Down


Pines Against Evening Sky (1996), oil on canvas: From the Wolf Kahn retrospective Reaching Up and Bearing Down at the LewAllen Galleries in Santa Fe.

This especially unusual exhibition features a never-before-seen group of 21 large-format pastels from various periods of his art-making career, as well as oil on canvas paintings—breathtaking, classic Kahn artworks that thrive in the liminal space between representation and abstraction.

These works reveal Kahn’s exquisite ability to express the beauty of nature and the land. Kahn calls pastel his “determining medium” and considers it to be foundational to all his work. This striking group of pastels demonstrates the artist’s fluency with a medium that he describes as one of “immediacy,” allowing him to make the most direct recordation of his experience of being in nature.

Online catalogue here.

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