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Protest: The Aesthetics of Resistance


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 student protests. One of my recent projects was to translate the collection of essays Protest: The Aesthetics of Resistance, which was conceived and edited by the remarkable Basil Rogger, together with colleagues Jonas Voegeli and Ruedi Widmer, as an undertaking with students at the Zurich University of the Arts and in conjunction with the exhibit Protest: Resistance Posters hosted by the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich.

Published by Lars Müller in separate German and English editions, Protest “presents and reflects on present and past forms of protest and looks at marginalized communities’ practices of resistance from a wide variety of perspectives” and “considers social, culture-historical, sociological, and political perspectives as well as approaches that draw on visual theory, popular culture, and cultural studies.”

The list of contributors includes: Michelle Akanji, Friedrich von Borries, Delphine Chapuis, Teju Cole, Hans-Christian Dani, Steven Duncombe, Anna Feigenbaum, Philipp Felsch, Marleen Fitterer, Meret Fischli, Corinne Gisel, Johannes Hedinger, Knut Henkel, Henriette Herm, Larissa Holaschke, Ines Kleesattel, Wolfgang Kraushaar, Wong Chi Lui, Elisio Macamo, Eva Mackensen, Franziska Meierhofer, Tine Melzer, Rabih Mroué, Pedro Oliveira, Dominique Raemy, Maybelle Eequay Reiter, Bettina Richter, Basil Rogger, Pascal Ronc, Allan Sekula, Jörg Scheller, Joana Schertenleib, Klaus Schönberger, Alankrita Shrivastava, Viktoria Tiedeke, Zeynep Tufekci, Marius Wenger, Rosamund van der Westhuizen, Max Wild, Dominik Wolfinger, Kacey Wong, Suzanne Zahnd, and Michel Zai.

Here’s a soundtrack of “Songs of Resistance: 1942-2018” that accompanies the book.

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