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American Youth Symphony’s Virtual Gala

The American Youth Symphony will present its virtual gala this Sunday Nov. 1 at 7pm ET. Tickets are free.

The program includes:
Igor STRAVINSKY: Symphonies of Wind Instrument AYS Virtual Wind & Brass Ensemble
Jessie MONTGOMERY: Starburst AYS String Ensemble
Percussion Trio (Carlos Izcaray is the Music Director of AYS)
Benjamin BRITTEN: Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge AYS String Ensemble

Carlos Izcaray on his new piece, Bloom:
Bloom is a piece for two percussionists and a keyboardist who operates both a synthesizer and pre-recorded electronic sounds. Wanting to highlight potent messages from the Black community, the sounds include recorded poetry readings by authors Gwendolyn Brooks (We Real Cool) and Lucille Clifton (won’t you celebrate with me), as well as extracts from George Washington Johnson’s 1890’s recording of The Laughing Song, early recordings from descendants of slaves, statements from recent student protests, and songs from Zulu singers that I recorded during a visit to South Africa. Shaped more or less as an arch, the first section, played by two marimbas, is optimistic and hopeful, but it is interrupted by a much darker synth-sounds middle section that reminds us of unresolved issues regarding equity and social justice. This middle episode erupts into a frenzy that points us towards a bright resolution.”

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