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Tolstoy Together: War and Peace

I’m a big fan of A Public Space’s online book club. Recently, APS began hosting an encore club to reread War and Peace with Yiyun Li, author of Tolstoy Together: 85 Days of War and Peace.

For reference, here are some quick links:

All of Yiyun Li’s daily posts are here; perspectives on the issue of translation, historical context, Tolstoy as a stage director, etc., here and here.

From A Public Space:

#TolstoyTogether | September 15 – December 8 
An Online Book Club—Free and Open to All 

The Schedule. We will read together daily for 85 days. A gentle schedule: 12-15 pages a day, around 30 minutes, that can provide an anchor this fall, when transitions bring hope, thrill, and sometimes uncertainty. Find the reading schedule here.

How It Works. The book club is free and open to all. Every morning, Yiyun Li shares notes on the day’s reading on A Public Space’s Twitter and Instagram accounts (@apublicspace) with the hashtag #TolstoyTogether. Readers share their thoughts and responses, and ask questions using #TolstoyTogether

Yiyun Li’s Daily Reading Journal for #Tolstoy Together can also be found here.

Tolstoy Together: 85 Days of War and Peace: Order your copy here.

From a recent conversation between among Yiyun Li, Garth Greenwell, Idra Novey at Politics & Prose Bookstore.

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