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Gabriella Smith: Treelogy

I was so taken with Seattle Symphony’s live performance of Tidalwave Kitchen this week that I searched out other upcoming projects by its wonderful young composer Gabriella Smith and discovered this. She’s one of three composers commissioned by the The Soraya/CSUN for its Treelogy project—including Steven Mackey and Billy Childs—to create work in response to California’s devastating wildfires.  The commission was inspired by the New York Times writer John Branch’s 2020 coverage (who just wrote about the disappearing San Francisco fog).

Here’s some info on Treelogy, which will be premiered on 23 February 2023 at the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts on the California State, Northridge campus in Los Angeles County:

Treelogy: A Musical Portrait of California’s Redwood, Sequoia, and Joshua Trees is a celebration and a call to action to save California’s beloved and iconic trees. Inspired by California’s epic wildfires chronicled by The New York Times journalist John Branch, The Soraya’s Executive and Artistic Director, Thor Steingraber, and artist in residence Etienne Gara, have created a musical response to the fires, and a tribute to these precious trees. Renowned composers Billy Childs, Steven Mackey, and Gabriella Smith—all with deep California roots of their own — have each composed original music for this three-part concert. Produced, commissioned, and presented by The Soraya, Treelogy will tour the state bringing scientists, educators, activists, and advocates will come together and bring its inspiring message to campuses across California. This unprecedented multi-disciplinary effort will emphasize the pride of our state and the memories of every family’s national park vacation. 

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