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Creative Diaspora and Russian Composers

Alexander Raskatov

Alexander Raskatov

UPDATE on Saturday 22 March, 9:42: I just learned that Richard Taruskin will not be at the Conference to give the keynote speech; he’s prevented from traveling on account of illness. The lineup given here appears to have just been updated.

This weekend brings a conference co-hosted by the Seattle Symphony on the topic Creative Diaspora: Émigré Composers from the Former USSR. It’s taking place in conjunction with the U.S. premiere of Alexander Raskatov’s new piano concerto, Night Butterflies. Here’s my preview for CityArts:

Living in exile, crossing borders, starting over—are there any experiences more definitive of the modern era? Along with their concrete political and social consequences, these experiences have shaped cultural expression. What, for example, does it mean to be a “Russian” composer today? Does it even make sense to keep referring to national musical styles in this century of instant global connectivity?

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