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After Ebola: Bringing Hope to Life

Gus Denhard

recent report in Foreign Policy described the dire ongoing effects of West Africa’s Ebola crisis on the survivors. More than 16,000 children have been left without food or shelter.

As they did last year, Seattle’s Early Music Guild is presenting a benefit concert this Saturday, December 12, at 3 pm. Titled After Ebola: Bringing Hope to Life, this family-friendly benefit performance will feature the Trio Guadalevín: Abel Rocha (harp, guitars, vocals), Antonio Gomez (percussion), and EMG Executive Director August Denhard (lutes and guitar).

The benefit will raise money for Liberian Transcontinental Christian Ministries of Kent’s program to provide housing, food, clothing, and education for children who have been orphaned as a result of the recent Ebola crisis.

Trio Guadalevín takes its name from the ancient river and gorge that divides the city of Rhonda in Andalusia. Denhard says the aim of the concert, in addition to benefiting these efforts, is to bring people together with a program “reminding us of cultural connections we share as we face the challenges before us.”

Tickets — available here — are $10 for adults (18 and older) and $5 for children and seniors over 65, plus a service fee. The benefit will take place on Sat., December 12, at 3 pm at the Carco Theatre, 1717 Southeast Maple Valley Highway, Renton, WA.

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