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Alan Gilbert’s Legacy

gilbert-e1482347799819My cover story for the February 2017 issue of Strings is now online:

Two years ago, in February 2015, Alan Gilbert announced his surprising decision to step down from his position as music director of the New York Philharmonic

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  1. Lisa Hirsch says:

    Thank you – I have linked to this in my latest blog post. My view: the NYPO should have done everything in its power to retain Gilbert. This is in part because of my generally high opinion of his work and in part because I am far less impressed with what I have heard of JvZ’s work than I am with Gilbert’s. This article reinforces my view that he has done a huge amount of good for the orchestra.

    And note that I have no firm information on whether Gilbert left under his own power or was pushed with a face-saving reason given.


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