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Mozart and the Genius of Love

Next up from Byron Schenkman & Friends: on Sunday 14 November 2021at 7:00 PM, Pacific Time, Byron is joined by violinist Rachell Ellen Wong and violist Susan Gulkis Assadi for an all-Mozart program. You can watch the performance free on YouTube (you can donate here).

To get in the mood, tonight, Friday 5 November, Sean MacLean hosts all three musicians in a live studio performance on Classical KING FM 98.1at 8:00 PM. They will play Mozart’s “Kegelstatt” Trio in E-flat major from the upcoming concert and other musical gems Byron wants to share.

Program for 14 November Concert

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Sonata in G Major, K. 301, for violin and piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Sonata in C Major, K. 330 (300h), for piano

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Adagio in C Major, K. 356 (617a), for glass harmonica (or piano)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:

Trio in E-flat Major “Kegelstatt” K. 498 for violin, viola, and pian

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RIP Nelson Freire (1944-2021)

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Recovered Voices 2021: Schulhoff and More

On Tuesday 2 November, an online series delving into the life and music of Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942) will be launched. Titled Recovered Voices 2021: Schulhoff and More and presented by the Los Angeles-based Colburn School’s Ziering-Conlon Initiative for Recovered Voices, the series will explore this prolific and multi-faceted composer who drew on an enormous range of styles and influences.

From the press release:

The Ziering-Conlon Initiative for Recovered Voices was established in 2013 with the purpose of championing composers such as Schulhoff whose lives were disrupted—or even ended—during the years of the Nazi regime in Europe. In collaboration with Robert Elias and with the critical support of individual philanthropists, the Initiative continues to bring this important repertory back to life for generations to come through performances, classes, competitions, symposia, recordings, and more.
For the past seven years, the Ziering-Conlon Initiative offered an annual semester-long course, “Recovered Voices: An Examination of Lesser-Known Composers and Works of the Early Twentieth Century,” with weekly lectures by Conlon, Elias, and other experts. Due to COVID, the annual in-person course was reimagined for digital platforms. This free series will consist of four 45-minute multimedia presentations by Conlon exploring the life and legacy of composer Erwin Schulhoff, including musical examples—most performed and recorded by Colburn musicians—in each installment.

Recovered Voices 2021: Schulhoff and MorePresented by James ConlonAll episodes premiere at 12pm PT
Nov. 2, 2021Recovered Voices 101
Nov. 16, 2021Erwin Schulhoff’s Early Life and Music: Tradition Meets Dada
Nov. 30, 2021Erwin Schulhoff: A Classical Music Jazz Prophet
Dec. 14, 2021Erwin Schulhoff: The Twenties and a Turn Toward Socialist Realism

All episodes will be available at

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Jesús Rodolfo: Musical America’s New Artist of the Month

I wrote about the remarkable young violist Jésus Rodolfo for Musical America’s New Artist of the Month column:

At heart, Jesús Rodolfo is a storyteller who uses four strings and a bow to give voice to his restless imagination. The young Spanish violist constantly returns to the model of narrative—even when discussing music as formally abstract as Paul Hindemith’s sonatas for the instrument, which rank among his favorites. Two of his albums to date are devoted to the composer’s sonatas (those with piano accompaniment and the solo viola sonatas). 


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